31 Green Bean Recipes That’ll Make Other Veggies Envious

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Green bean recipes aren’t just for Thanksgiving. Green beans aren’t only fit for blanketing in sauce and baking until they’ve turned into an intoxicatingly molten mess. One of high-summer’s most versatile veggies, they’re bright and crunchy and really only need salt, extra virgin olive oil, and a hit of medium-high heat to make their naturally grassy flavor shine.

But that’s only the beginning. We’ll show you how to cook green beans, whether you’re going for blanched, grilled, or sautéed green beans—and we’ll also be honest about the fact that they don’t require cooking at all in order to be excellent. (Check this smashing technique for proof.) Oh, and they also contain vitamin C, vitamin A, and potassium, among other good-for-you elements.

Convinced to make them for dinner tonight yet? Here are our best green bean recipes to make now and later.