Alice, Langham Jakarta

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Good quality for the Jakarta community, determination volition beryllium a new restaurant astatine Langham Jakarta soon, a luxury edifice with an elegant conception and international 5-star edifice standards. If antecedently I visited Tom's Jakarta, a British conception edifice with an astonishing gentle interior, this clip Alice is also beauteous stunning with a much feminine theme.

With the conception of achromatic colour passim the interior, the feel of England, the precocious ceiling, the level with the black-white signifier is really enchanting. The caller Alice volition run from March 9th, 2022, of course with the caller mean protocol standard. It's a bully thought to marque a reservation in beforehand earlier visiting determination due to the fact that usually, the enthusiasm of the Jakarta community is precise precocious for caller restaurants oregon dining.

The menu offered astatine Alice is successful the signifier of a assortment of planetary dishes, especially a interaction of England due to the fact that we cognize that Langham is simply a marque that started in London successful 1865. Some absorbing menus to effort see Spicy Tuna Tartines, processed tuna confit with avocado, gochujang, mustard, and nori flakes connected a fluffy sourdough. The almighty sensation of this substance truly pamper the palate, creamy and somewhat spicy

Then determination is the Spinach Ricotta Ravioli, a crockery that is quite familiar, the ravioli with spinach arsenic the main ingredient, the signature ricotta cheese, and a heavy pesto sauce. The texture of al dente ravioli, generous spinach. Or you should effort the New York Burger with Swiss food and truffle aioli. A soft, somewhat unsmooth handmade bun with a crunchy texture, a premium beef patty, juicy and tender, and a fragrant and delicious blend of truffle aioli.

The brunch acquisition present is so rather memorable. Enjoy a assortment of premium dishes and a bully modular of processing ingredients into delicious dishes. Coupled with enjoying the elegant and comfy interior atmosphere is truly fun. You tin besides bask day beverage with a enactment of interesting saccharine dishes to effort oregon adjacent a solid of champagne. Don't hide to instrumentality tons of photos astir the area to the country of the restaurant, of course, instagramable. Go determination and tell maine what bash you think?!

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Langham Jakarta, District 8, Lot 28, Jakarta

Tel: +62 21 2708 7888