Apple brings 'end call' button in iOS back to its rightful place

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Well, that was fast. After moving the 'end call' fastener successful an iOS 17 beta to the close broadside of the screen, angering galore users who are utilized to it being successful the middle, Apple has seemingly changed its mind.

In the latest nationalist iOS 17 beta, the 'end call' fastener is erstwhile again positioned successful the middle, albeit it is present nested wrong the different buttons alternatively of being separated and located little arsenic it was successful iOS 16. Check retired the quality below.

On the left: New extremity telephone fastener positioning. On the right: The (short-lived) aged positioning.

It whitethorn look similar a tiny change, but with hundreds of millions of users relying connected musculus representation to deed that extremity telephone fastener each day, it's astir apt for the champion that Apple decided to spot the fastener backmost successful the middle.

As X (sigh) idiosyncratic @M1Astra noticed, the extremity telephone fastener is inactive positioned connected the close erstwhile the keypad is displayed.

This alteration is lone disposable to users who person opted to instal nationalist iOS beta versions. The last mentation of iOS 17 volition apt go disposable successful September, coinciding with the motorboat of Apple's upcoming iPhone 15.