Black Owl, PIK, Jakarta

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A favorite destination for the Jakarta community, which is celebrated for its hawker centers, from thoroughfare food, restaurants to elegant lounge bars. This week, another bully quality for edifice and barroom fans, Black Owl is backmost successful operation from the erstwhile determination successful the PIK 1 area, present they are presented caller determination with a antithetic concept.

As soon arsenic you walk done this area, you tin intelligibly see the Black Owl with a achromatic gathering with an owl logo connected it. Seen the parking area is rather ample and inactive not excessively crowded during the day. Once inside, we will walk done a hallway with a precise precocious ceiling. My proposition is it's champion to marque a reservation successful beforehand to prevention your table.

Black Owl comes with a edifice and barroom concept, a very stunning interior with ascendant acheronian colors specified arsenic achromatic and acheronian wooden material passim the ample room. The dim lights look calm and elegant, and what's astonishing is the elephantine LCD surface that stretches to the ceiling. There is an country connected the 2nd level with respective backstage rooms.

At archetypal glance, this whitethorn look similar a bar-restaurant in general which is identical with a assortment of cocktails, beer, oregon immoderate tone and elemental food. But marque nary mistake, Black Owl provides a assortment of gourmet dishes to an impressive standard. Various dishes are served with stunning presentation, good quality ingredients with an planetary taste. Menus specified arsenic the Bone Marrow Bourguignon (Rp 185,000++) with bony marrow pieces served with tender beef brisket cooked with reddish vino condiment are genuinely delicious.

Or the Bathing Lobster(Rp 19 5,000++) with a tempting appearance, a ail food atom crockery with mozzarella cheese, and of course abundant lobster cubes and the close level of texture. The wide sensation of the dish is precise awesome with bully ingredients, bully cooking technique, and seasoning that is conscionable right. Apart from that, the elegantly served dessert also offers a pleasant sensation sensation.

Dishes such arsenic Naked Tiramisu (Rp 115,000++) are served with an absorbing show, various elements from tiramisu cream, java jelly, almond crumble, chocolate sponge, salted caramel Baileys crystal pick and don't hide brandy which makes the tiramisu pick melt and tin beryllium enjoyed with different elements unneurotic to get the harmony of taste.

Black Owl offers a eating acquisition that looks elegant, not only acrophobic with the barroom oregon nine concern but present guests are invited to be able to bask a assortment of premium dishes successful the benignant of high-end restaurants. Of course, you tin besides bask a comfy barroom atmosphere, person meal with live euphony that is disposable each day. Interesting enough? Time for a reservation.

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