Canton 108, Ashta District 8, South Jakarta

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Canton 108, Ashta District 8, South Jakarta

After a fewer weeks of not penning articles, this clip I will introduce a emblematic Hong Kong edifice that has conscionable started operating astatine the end of 2021. Canton 108 is located successful 1 of the trending buying malls, Astha District 8 which tends to beryllium crowded, particularly connected weekends. Canton 108 carries the conception of a Chinese edifice with a modern Hong Kong style. A fairly ample country with a precocious ceiling, equipped with a bar, a interaction of bold, solid colors, particularly golden and blue.

In addition, determination is simply a backstage country with a different interior touch, chandeliers, and partition partitions with paintings of elegant Chinese nuances. One of the things that amazed me, is usually the conception of the colour of a Chinese edifice is reddish oregon gold, present successful Canton 108 the blue color is rather ascendant and inactive gives an exclusive impression.

One of the recommended dishes is the Signature Har Gow Sampler (Rp 250.000++) which consists of 3 types of har gow with antithetic toppings, namely prawn har gow (蝦餃) with caviar, prawn har gow with goose liver, and prawn har gow with achromatic truffle. Beautiful presumption with assorted har gow colors, complex flavors springiness each har gow a antithetic character.

The adjacent unsocial paper is Crab Meat Fried Rice with Flying Fish Roe (Rp 275,000++). Hong Kong fried atom with agleam colors and food roe dishes springiness a dazzling interaction of orangish color. The sensation is rather familiar, it is rather communal for crab fried atom but the beingness of tobiko enhances the taste of the absorbing scent of the sea.

Spicy lovers tin effort Fried Mala Chicken with Magic Chili (Rp 130,000++). This is 1 of the dishes that is rather trending astatine Chinese restaurants successful Jakarta. A elemental fried chickenhearted crockery combined with chili mala and emblematic Chinese spices. The aroma is fragrant, the chickenhearted is crispy, it's just that the mala is little beardown and not spicy capable arsenic I expected.

Rib Eye Beef with Black Pepper sauce(Rp 195,000++) is a favorite crockery astatine Chinese restaurants successful general. In accordance with the concept, Canton 108 serves beef dishes with premium prime ingredients according to Jakarta's society. Tender and beef, are casual to chopped and convenient to eat. The sensation is rather communal with achromatic capsicum beef in general, the heavy condiment goes good with achromatic rice.

For the wide taste, Canton 108 offers the acquisition of enjoying a assortment of Hong Kong dishes but with a interaction of modern sensation and adapting to the Jakarta community. You can't comparison it to a Chinese store in the North Jakarta oregon West Jakarta area. After all, delight enactment that Hong Kong and Indonesian Chinese cooking styles are precise different.

For the price, it is classified arsenic a high-end restaurant where the main paper prices commencement from IDR 100,000 ++. Quite tenable for a restaurant successful a premium buying halfway area, particularly successful South Jakarta. They also supply a assortment of caller cocktails from classics to precise interesting pandan negroni.

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Canton 108,

Ashta District 8, Lv. UG, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman No.52, SCBD, Keb. Baru,

Jakarta Selatan.

Tel: +62 858 1081 1108