Culinary Journey with Tom Aikens, The Langham, Jakarta

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Culinary Journey with Tom Aikens, The Langham, Jakarta

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It is simply a invaluable acquisition erstwhile a cook from a Michelin star restaurant is contiguous successful the metropolis of Jakarta. In this season, The Langham Jakarta is simply a 5-star luxury edifice with elegant interiors passim the area. Tom's by Tom Aikens, a classy edifice connected the 62nd level of the Langham Jakarta hotel. The Jakarta assemblage is surely pleased with the accomplishment of chef Tom from Muse, a edifice with a Michelin Star grant successful London.

For edifice information, you tin cheque the nonfiction below, my archetypal acquisition visiting this edifice was erstwhile it was conscionable opening.

The Langham Jakarta presents a eating conception with cook Tom this week from 22-26 April 2022. On this occasion, I tried the Sunday Roast acquisition connected 24 April 2022. This Sunday lawsuit seems guests are filling up the edifice area. The conception of lunch this time, guests are served with a acceptable paper of 3 courses each.

The starters that I tried this clip were Foie Gras & Chicken Liver Parfait, Grape Chutney, and French Brioche. The operation of foie gras and chickenhearted liver with a brushed mousse-like texture matches the parfait concept, a smoother sensation that is pleasant to bask with saccharine and sour chutney grape jam connected apical of crunchy brioche. The adjacent starter is Yellow Ceviche, made of caller food with bladed slices, combined with sour pickles and sliced ​​agave giving it a caller taste. Good consistency of sliced ​​fish, the close aroma is really an appetizing starter.

The main paper that I tried, specified arsenic Prime Rib Roast, is simply a favourite crockery that we often bask successful emblematic British restaurants. From the presentation to the elemental sensation of steak, classical without garnish is the hallmark of Tom's. With US beef ingredients, for me, the sensation is excessively beardown and fatty truthful I don't really, bask it. Of course, this goes backmost to your preferences. Then there's Chilean Seabass, this Chilean food usually recovered successful high-end restaurants. Served with a heavy sauce, the creamy and sour sensation enhances the flavor.

In this portion of the main course, guests are served with a variety of broadside dishes specified arsenic Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Potatoes, Roast Heritage Carrots, and Fine Beans to supply a balanced sensation erstwhile enjoying the main course. A assortment of classical British food, elemental but delicious, particularly the crispy and saccharine Roast Carrots.

For dessert, I chose Vanilla Cheesecake with Raspberry. The presumption colour of the cheesecake is whiter, and the sensation is smoother, rather antithetic from cheesecake successful general. Then there's the Apple Almond Tart, it's 1 of the famous British classics. Crispy pastry texture and saccharine caramelized pome tin beryllium enjoyed with lemon sorbet truthful that it gives a balanced taste.

A pleasant acquisition to beryllium capable to bask a assortment of British specialties and classical flavors with a modern presentation. Dishes are not too complex, assorted ingredients with modular seasoning supply an experience to bask the archetypal sensation of these ingredients. The work astatine the beginning was rather good, the invited was friendly, the clip for serving food was fast, it was conscionable that a fewer points of the unit lacked knowledge about the dishes, and immoderate of the pronunciation of the nutrient was needed to signifier more.

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Tom's by Tom Aikens, Langham Jakarta

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