Get a free Amazon gift card with your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 or Z Fold5

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$150 oregon $200 GIFT CARD: As of August 11, you tin people a $150 Amazon acquisition paper with the acquisition of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, oregon a $200 Amazon acquisition paper with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 (Mashable Score: 4) and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 (Mashable Score: 4.5) conscionable went connected the market, and they're already starting to origin rather a buzz. These caller phones person a retro plan that's turning heads, from radical who emotion the aboriginal '00s to diehard Samsung fans.

The Z Flip5 is giving superior Paris and Lindsay vibes with its clamshell plan that snaps shut, and the Z Fold5 unfolds into thing similar a tablet, giving you a larger surface for streaming oregon checking email connected the go. (Read our examination of the caller phones if you can't determine betwixt the two.)

Plus, arsenic of August 11, you tin people adjacent much with your purchase. Buy a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and get a $150 Amazon acquisition card. Or, bargain a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and get a $200 Amazon acquisition card. That's right, if you bargain a Samsung Z Flip5 oregon Z Fold5 via Amazon, you'll not lone get your hands connected this vintage-yet-futuristic phone, but you'll besides get an Amazon acquisition paper to usage connected thing you want. Now that's a beauteous saccharine deal.

Whether you privation to relive your glory days arsenic the coolest kid successful schoolhouse with an old-school Razr oregon you're conscionable looking to upgrade your smartphone, the Z Flip5 and Z Fold5 are decidedly worthy checking out.