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The rainy play is astir each time successful Jakarta. Heavy rain and beardown winds, Hopefully, everything volition enactment harmless and determination volition beryllium no natural disasters specified arsenic floods that often haunt the metropolis of Jakarta. This time I volition archer you astir a modern Japanese edifice that is connected my recommendation list. Kurune has been operating for immoderate clip since the extremity of 2021, a determination successful the South Jakarta country which is so a destination with many Japanese restaurants.

Kurune itself means let's devour successful English. The restaurant building is rather ample and does person a ample country with a batch of seating capacity. There is simply a crushed level with an unfastened room and barroom area, past a second level with respective backstage rooms. Modern Japanese nuance with a interaction of wooden patterns, brushed colors, combined with violet, aureate connected respective sides truthful that it looks stunning.

A assortment of classical to modern Japanese menus tin beryllium found here. With the prime standards of caller ingredients, they service up impeccable dishes. In addition, experienced nonrecreational Japanese chefs surely process food with bully techniques. Especially caller ingredients specified arsenic oyster, sashimi, oregon beef.

One of the apical connected the menu, caller oysters are imported from Hokkaido with larger sizes than section ones. Starting from Rp. 150,000 per microcomputer to Rp. 3,300,000 for 24 pcs. The creamier taste, the distinctive aroma of the oversea is truly delicious enjoyed with citrus oregon the dressing provided. Then determination is Bone Marrow with caller salmon and ovum tartar, a creamy sensation and a pleasant harmony of flavors erstwhile eaten together.

Aoyama, a beauteous crockery with 7 kinds of caller sashimi from maguro, salmon, amaebi, and etc. Absolutely stunning presentation, fresh sashimi successful cleanable cuts. The assortment of kushiyaki is besides a must-try, Tsukune Cheese (chicken meatball with cheese), pork belly, and galore others.

The tempting main menu, of course, is USDA Prime Bone-in Rib Eye 500g (Rp 800,000++) Served with signature and chimichurri sauce. Tender meat with a fragrant smoky aroma, the enjoyment of this crockery is undeniable using premium and prime ingredients. Don't request a batch of dressing, elemental brackish and pepper marque this is special.

Other peculiar dishes specified arsenic Barramundi 1 full size with a classic Japanese-style presumption utilizing lemon, konbu feelings and ponzu sauce. Not galore dressings oregon sauces travel this dish. Good capable with the soft barramundi fish, the distinctive smoky aroma truly appreciates the ingredients.

According to the Japanese concept, the sushi paper is certainly disposable with assorted choices. One of my favorites, Salmon Mango, modern specialty sushi with salmon mixed with mayo and topped with fresh sweet mango slices. Once eaten, the wide sensation is truthful delightful. Ike Sumi Soba is besides an absorbing dish, acold achromatic soba with squid ink served with grilled squid which is my favourite arsenic a seafood lover.

Last but not least, don't miss the saccharine dessert. How astir Okinawa Cheesecake, a furniture of cheese with ube and crumble crust into an absorbing combination. It should be eaten unneurotic to springiness a varied taste. Dorayaki tin besides beryllium a recommendation, it's uncommon to find the archetypal dorayaki successful Jakarta, it looks elemental but the red bean sensation is legit and sweet, it truly makes you consciousness blessed erstwhile enjoying it.

The full acquisition present is precise memorable, the atmosphere is comfortable, too enjoying the food, I tin spot intelligibly the activities of the chefs who are engaged preparing dishes. All dishes are made with good quality ingredients, according to non-frozen standards, too that Japanese chef who of people person reliable techniques to marque dishes. You tin also enjoy a assortment of cocktails inspired by the Japanese style. We urge that you marque a preservation successful advance, particularly astatine mealtimes oregon weekends.

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