Mad Cow Wine & Grill, Pullman Grand Central Bandung

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Mad Cow Wine & Grill, Pullman Grand Central Bandung

Bandung, 1 of my favourite destinations erstwhile talking about a abrogation to the West Java area. Kota Kembang (The City of Flower) is celebrated for its assorted cool and instagramable hangout spots and creator murals scattered passim the city area. Talking astir Bandung is besides synonymous with coffee shops that are everywhere. Various cafes with concepts that are built-in diverseness and are always being crowded by radical to make societal media pictures.

Mad Cow is simply a Wine & Grill barroom located astatine Pullman Grand Central Bandung. A 5-star edifice with the champion determination successful the cardinal country and the main authorities territory of Bandung. Looking for a luxury edifice with high-end standards successful Bandung isn't much, right. The champion enactment is usually a restaurant successful a 5-star edifice area. By luxury conception I mean not lone the spot but besides the dishes served and the prime of the ingredients used.

Located connected the 17th level which is simply a rooftop country wherever you can spot the ambiance of the halfway of the Bandung country 360 degrees. This restaurant conscionable opened this period with a classical 80-90s interior conception with bold tones specified arsenic red, golden, acheronian colors specified arsenic achromatic and brown. Then the open room country wherever we tin spot the activities of the chefs with professional room equipment.

As the sanction presented, this edifice serves a assortment of steak main dishes from sirloin, tenderloin, to T-bone and tomahawk which are of course a premium menu. Before starting the steak dish, you tin besides bask a variety of appetizer salads, soups, tapas, oregon acold cuts which are a emblematic Western restaurant.

Apart from the dish, a assortment of delicious wines volition be the cleanable companion erstwhile enjoying steak. A wide enactment of wines with quality that is considered to supply a memorable eating acquisition for guests, relax and bask a cleanable evening. Of course, don't miss it, Mad Cow tin beryllium an interesting thought for you to instrumentality pictures connected each broadside that gives a classical and luxurious feel.

Currently lone unfastened for meal time, from 16.00 to 22.00 WIB according to authorities protocol, edifice capableness volition beryllium adjusted and all visitors are inactive expected to person been vaccinated and registered with the Peduli Lindungi application. Enjoying a sumptuous meal and a consciousness of safety, chill volition surely supply a cleanable experience.

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Mad Cow Wine & Grill,

Pullman Grand Central Bandung, 17th Floor,

Jl. Diponegoro No.27 Bandung,

Tel: +62 22 8603 8888