'Only Murders in the Building' Season 3: Who is Ben talking to in that video?

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Mystery is afoot. The crippled is thickening. And Only Murders successful the Building Season 3 already has america connected the borderline of our seats. 

We're each wondering, who killed Ben (Paul Rudd)? The archetypal 2 episodes of Season 3 person already blessed america with immoderate clues, including a fishy database consecutive retired of Cluedo, however, this week's occurrence gave america immoderate much factual evidence. We present cognize that Ben was warring with idiosyncratic successful his dressing country connected Death Rattle's opening night. But who?

The reply is excessively delicious.

Let's excavation into Ben's dressing country fight.

Documentarian Tobert (Jesse Williams) is shooting a movie astir Ben's large Broadway debut, and connected Death Rattle's opening night, helium leaves his camera successful Ben's dressing country wherever the portion keeps rolling, capturing immoderate candid happenings successful the process. Later, arsenic Tobert and Mabel (Selena Gomez) ticker the footage, we perceive Ben reason with a mysterious entity offscreen.

At first, it seems similar a modular lover's quarrel with Ben saying, "You're not expected to beryllium here." But arsenic the portion plays, it gradually feels similar Ben isn't really talking to a idiosyncratic per se — but to a heap of cookies instead. Hear maine out. 

During the array work successful occurrence 1, Ben reacts dramatically aft spotting a sheet of Schmackary's cookies sitting innocently adjacent his seat (they adjacent dependable delicious). Rudd proceeds to brilliantly present the utmost enactment of defeat: "There's cookies here."

Dickie Glenroy (Jeremy Shamos), Ben's brother, rapidly explains to the formed that Ben's connected a strict fare for his adjacent CoBro movie — and cookies "are a weakness." Ben illustrates the powerfulness of temptation that cookies person implicit him erstwhile helium aboriginal interrupts the full array speechmaking to unsubtly sneak a bite. Later successful the episode, during Ben's apology circuit astatine the afterparty, Ben reveals he's lone allowed mangoes arsenic a saccharine treat. So, it's perfectly imperative that nary cookies beryllium astir ever, lest the CoBro prima change his action-figure physique.

Here's wherever the cooky mentation gets chewy.

Was Ben talking to cookies?

In Tobert's footage, Ben starts saying different things like, "You're conscionable gonna beryllium there, acting each sweet." You cognize what's sweet? Cookies. You cognize what conscionable sits determination tempting you with its sweetness? Cookies.

Ben's tirade continues with a slew of phrases that could beryllium treble entendres similar "We some cognize you're bad" and "I privation you truthful fucking bad, but you're gonna ruin my career… And I'm gonna like it."

Cookies volition ruin Ben's diet. Cookies volition perchance person an effect connected Ben's CoBro ripped bod (and thus, if we're being existent astir unrealistic quality standards perfectly prevalent successful enactment movies, his career). Cookies are what Ben wants but knows helium can't have. Cookies (!!!) are the happening Ben's yelling astatine successful Tobert's footage.

Furthermore, Ben says each of the supra with so overmuch melodramatic flair that it feels similar a speech he's having unsocial with himself successful his dressing room, that nary 1 would ever hear. The implicit soundlessness successful the clip besides hints that nary 1 other was really determination with him successful the room. Surely if Ben was arguing with a person, we'd perceive them retort, crying oregon making immoderate benignant of sound. But there's perfectly nothing, conscionable the deafening soundlessness from a heap of delicious cookies waiting — demanding adjacent — to beryllium eaten. 

This cooky mentation lends credence to an aboriginal mentation of Mabel's, which is that Ben was poisoned connected opening night. You cognize wherever you tin sneak successful immoderate poison? COOKIES.

Considering that a liverwurst and marmalade sandwich was past season's killer-identifying clue, it's highly apt that cookies whitethorn beryllium different large hint this season. Only Murders successful the Building loves a wacky crippled twist, truthful Ben yelling astatine a sheet of cookies successful his country is wholly a silly twist that would beryllium connected marque for Only Murders In the Building.

While occurrence 3 ends with each eyes turning to Kimber (Ashley Park), Ben's imaginable concealed emotion interest, she could beryllium a reddish herring, distracting america from Ben's existent — and self-confessed — love, cookies. Beware the Schmackary's Ben, they're retired to get you. 

How to watch: Season 3 of Only Murders successful the Building is present streaming connected Hulu.