Ramadan full of joy, 2022

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Ramadan afloat of joy, 2022

It doesn't consciousness similar clip has passed quickly, the Holy Month of Ramadan volition soon get wherever this infinitesimal becomes a peculiar infinitesimal for Muslim friends to observe the contented of fasting, practicing worship and of course forgiving each other. Not to forget, breaking the accelerated unneurotic is something that indispensable beryllium done during this period of Ramadan. Now, this clip I will share the prime of breaking the accelerated astatine a Jakarta edifice with an interesting offer.

Every time breaking the accelerated tin beryllium a peculiar infinitesimal both with household and friends. Various restaurants with charismatic offers, festive menus, and don't miss refreshing saccharine treats. Let's spot what are the options for iftar in 2022:

1. Signatures Restaurant, Kempinski Jakarta

For residents of Jakarta, you are already acquainted with this hotel. 5-star modular luxury edifice with the champion determination successful the Central Jakarta area. Always offering the thought of ​​a luxurious iftar, this twelvemonth Signatures Restaurant presents Ramadan Culinary Rijsttafel Iftar with the taxable of Indonesian and planetary dishes. Enjoy a assortment of premium dishes specified as oven-baked lobster Kabuli, roasted mutton, rendang ribs, and galore others. Offer this clip astatine a price:
Weekday Dinner IDR 548.000++/pax

Weekend Dinner IDR 598.000++/pax

2. Sana Sini, Pullman Jakarta Indonesia

Still successful the Central Jakarta area, the edifice with the best location offers views of the HI Roundabout. Sana Sini is an all-day dining restaurant successful the lobby country with a ample edifice capacity. This year, the special iftar paper offered is spiced duck, Chinese, Japanese, Western, Middle Eastern dishes, and don't hide the Indonesian saccharine dish, colenak. With many menu choices, it ever provides a pleasant acquisition erstwhile breaking the fast. The prices offered are arsenic follows:
Booking from 2 - 10 Apr 2022, IDR 440,000++/pax
Booking from 11 - 24 Apr 2022, IDR 480,000++/pax
Booking from 25 Apr - 1 May 2022, IDR 440,000++/pax

3. Sugar & Spice, Intercontinental Jakarta Pondok Indah

Moving to the South Jakarta area, the prime of breaking the accelerated astatine a 5-star luxury hotel, Intercontinental Jakarta Pondok Indah has become 1 of the destinations for radical some from Jakarta and extracurricular the city. This year, they are collaborated with Chef Degan Septoadji to contiguous a variety of Far East Asian specialties from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand to the Middle East. Together with Chef Kim Pangestu, they service a assortment of saccharine pastry desserts that are cleanable for breaking the fast. The terms offered is IDR 515,000++/person.

4. The Sultan Hotel & Residence

A legendary edifice afloat of memories, The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta this twelvemonth offers the sensation of breaking the accelerated successful the outdoor swimming excavation area, wherever guests tin bask a assortment of Iftar Around The World dishes, a assortment of planetary dishes from assorted countries while enjoying the presumption of the excavation surrounded by greenery. which makes for a comfortable atmosphere. The Ramadan buffet present is IDR 380,000++/pax.

5. Quba Pop Up, The Tribata

Choice of places to interruption the accelerated successful South Jakarta. Now, this Quba Pop Up is ever held each period of Ramadan, but it was stopped due to the covid pandemic, which we cognize caused a precocious fig of patients successful the previous year. Here you volition beryllium greeted with festive Ramadan decorations, Middle Eastern euphony performances, and dazzling dances. The iftar paper is very diverse, the country capableness covers 250 people, and determination is outdoor space available. Find the kabuli atom menu, oxtail soup, satay, Singapore laksa, and many others. For the terms offered, IDR 335,000 net/person.

6. Swissotel Jakarta

Recommended 5 prima edifice successful PIK, Swissotel Jakarta. This favorite edifice successful the Pantai Indah Kapuk country is so precise popular. In the month of Ramadan this twelvemonth Swissotel offers buffet packages astatine 2 restaurants, you tin take betwixt Summers At The Pool wherever guests tin bask a assortment of international dishes portion enjoying the ambiance of the swimming excavation with greenery astir the restaurant's outdoor space. Or you tin besides bask iftar at The Chinese National, a celebrated edifice with a assortment of paper choices and a charming interior. For the pursuing prices:
1. Summers astatine The Pool, IDR 258.000++ /pax with a minimum reservation of 30 people
2. Chinese National, IDR 258.000++/pax and special promotions for ALL users tin get discounts starting from 10%, AccorPlus 15%, and up to bargain 4 get 5.

7. Harris Kelapa Gading

Now a much affordable enactment tin beryllium iftar astatine Harris Kelapa Gading. Moreover, for North Jakarta residents to debar postulation jams erstwhile going to Central oregon South Jakarta, right? Here you tin bask a assortment of Indonesian and Middle Eastern dishes, determination is simply a Ramadan Iftar Stall Cart with briyani rice, meatballs, gado-gado and galore others. Then determination are transportation options and there are besides promotions. For the terms offered, IDR 225,000 net/person. ASR members tin get a 25% discount and 10% aboriginal vertebrate discount for the play 2-8 April 2022.

8. Le Meridien Jakarta

A festive Ramadan astatine a 5-star edifice is ever an attractive choice. The latest conception of the Le Meridien Jakarta edifice is antithetic from previous years. Here guests tin adjacent bask a assortment of section and international dishes from 4 antithetic edifice choices successful 1 place. Prices offered to vary starting from:

La Brasserie, a collaboration with cook Vindex Tengker serves a assortment of classy planetary dishes and includes drinks astatine a price of IDR 350,000 net/pax.

Al Nafoura Restaurant, Enjoying a assortment of emblematic Middle Eastern dishes volition supply a antithetic Ramadan experience. The culinary creations of cook Ahmad Mousa volition supply authentic Lebanese dishes affluent in spices. The terms present is IDR 450,000 net/person.

Outdoor Tent Dining (Pool Area), for those of you who like an outdoor atmosphere, this enactment is cleanable for you. Enjoy a assortment of Ramadan specialties successful a harmless glass-lined pool, determination are assorted nutrient stalls available from dumplings, soto Betawi, accepted cakes, grilled ribs, and many others. The terms offered is lone IDR 250,000 net/person. 

Le Meridien Jakarta Mega Buffet, this ace satisfying meal package. You tin bask each the dishes astatine erstwhile astatine respective Le Meridien Jakarta restaurants, from indoor to outdoor areas, it adjacent takes clip for you to go around the full buffet area. Enjoy 120 kinds of Indonesian, international, Indian, Japanese, Middle Eastern, and adjacent Western dishes. For this afloat package, it costs Rp. 550,000 net/person.

9. Hotel Grandhika Iskandarsyah Jakarta

Back with much affordable buffet options here. With the concept of Iftar Ramadan 1001 Night, they volition service a assortment of tempting Middle Eastern dishes. Starting from the appetizer, Hummus, Fatous, Couscous, and various Middle Eastern salads. In addition, planetary menus specified arsenic grilled chicken, and crockery barroom are besides available. Don't hide a assortment of caller ta'jil that volition supply a blessed iftar moment. Attractive aboriginal vertebrate offer, IDR 195,000 net/person, booking play from 2-10 April 2022, and mean terms IDR 288,000 net/pax.

10. Cinnamon, Mandarin Oriental Jakarta

In 2022, the Mandarin Oriental Jakarta Hotel with a buffet restaurant, Cinnamon, collaborates with the celebrated Nusantara by Locavore. A classy edifice from Ubud with the sensation of a divers Indonesian menu. Various menus specified arsenic caller seafood, grilled lamb, and adjacent lobster. In addition, Mandarin Oriental besides offers an absorbing programme Rantang Takeover by Nusantara by Locavore. Rantang packages with Indonesian specialties that tin beryllium ordered created by nonrecreational culinary actors specified arsenic Chef Ade Putri Paramadita, Chef Debryna Dewi Lumanauw, Chef Yuda Bustara, and Chef William Wongso. For the terms offered:

Cinnamon Iftar Buffet Rp 458.000++/pax

Rantang Takeover Rp 725.000++

11. Grand Mercure Jakarta Harmoni

What astir those of you who unrecorded oregon enactment adjacent the Harmoni area? Don't worry, determination is an iftar enactment astatine a 5-star hotel, Grand Mercure Jakarta Harmoni offers an iftar paper with Indonesian specialties arsenic good as modern Middle Eastern dishes, including drinks and ta'jil. Attractive offers at a terms of lone IDR 298.000++/pax and adjacent peculiar promos are disposable for ALL members to get a 2x constituent reward, Accor Plus gets a 15% discount and CIMB All holders 10% discount. The determination successful the mediate of the city, amended traffic, can beryllium an enactment for breaking the accelerated with household and bureau mates.

12. Fairmont Jakarta

Are you acquainted with this edifice successful the strategical country of ​​Senayan. A 5-star edifice with a premium consciousness and respective selected restaurants to interruption the fast. In the period of Ramadan this year, Fairmont Jakarta offers a choice of Iftar buffets astatine 2 restaurants, namely Spectrum Restaurant, guests can bask a assortment of Middle Eastern and section Indonesian dishes implicit with live cooking shows and absorbing carving stalls. Or different absorbing choices at the 1945 Restaurant with halal certification. You tin sensation various Indonesian dishes from Aceh, Padang, Makassar, and West Java which volition change every week. For the pursuing prices:
1. Spectrum Restaurant IDR 498.000++/pax (ALL & Accorplus Members 10% discount)
2. Restaurant 1945 IDR 520,000++/pax

13. 1928, The Hermitage Jakarta

Are you utilized to iftar with Indonesian oregon Middle Eastern menus? How astir the Indonesian Peranakan cuisine. Stop by the 1928 edifice astatine The Hermitage Jakarta, a 5-star edifice with a classical consciousness that brings nostalgia to a vintage era. Elegant interior, calm colors that make a comfortable atmosphere. Likewise, the 1928 edifice offers a assortment of Peranakan dishes betwixt Indonesia and the Dutch, including the ta'jil tower, salmon caput curry, prawns with starfruit sauce, and galore others. The price offered is IDR 428.000++/pax including drinks, tea, and coffee. For children aged 6-12 years 50% discount.

14. Sari Pacific Jakarta

Still successful the Central Jakarta area, 1 of the legendary hotels is besides astir the Thamrin main road. If you are presently passing by, you tin inactive spot operation successful the beforehand of the edifice area. Welcoming this year's Ramadan, astatine the Fiesta restaurant, Sari Pacific Jakarta presents a assortment of Ramadan-inspired dishes. One of the mainstay menus is roasted lamb with tempting Middle Eastern rice. In addition, it is implicit with a BBQ grill, a assortment of saccharine dishes, arsenic good arsenic Indian and Middle Eastern specialties. For the terms offered, IDR 350,000++ / person.