Real Ingredients of Japan, Sushi Maru, PIK, Jakarta

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Real Ingredients of Japan, Sushi Maru, PIK, Jakarta

2022 is here! Welcoming the caller twelvemonth with joyousness and enthusiasm. This clip I volition archer you astir a Japanese edifice successful the Golf Island area, PIK which is presently 1 of the trending destinations successful Jakarta. It is undeniable that Japanese cuisine has so go 1 of Jakarta's society's favorites, truthful galore Japanese restaurants tin beryllium recovered here.

As a person of authentic food, I truly similar Japanese restaurants that prioritize prime ingredients and classical tastes, although the existent twist nutrient variant is besides precise interesting. Sushi Maru has been operating since the extremity of 2021, with a Japanese consciousness successful wide utilizing a wooden theme interior passim the area. There are 2 floors with a ample area capacity. But support successful mind, you should marque a preservation earlier coming here, especially connected weekends.

One of the apical menus present is Japanese Oyster, especially Reiwa Oyster, this crockery is lone disposable upon request. With a size that is overmuch larger than the section oyster, the ammunition colour is cleaner, the flesh is simply a lighter color, the sensation is creamy and the aroma of the caller oversea is stronger. For oyster lovers, this would beryllium the cleanable dish. It should besides be noted that 1 pcs of Reiwa Oyster is sold for astir Rp. 255,000 astatine Sushi Maru.

No little interesting, A5 Beef Hobayaki with an attractive presentation, sliced ​​A5 beef is grilled connected a leaf-shaped connected apical of the container and heated with charcoal arsenic a basal worldly truthful that it produces a unchangeable heat. Meat with bully quality, the close cooking process volition surely supply a truly delicious dish. Tender and juicy.

In addition, of course, assorted sushi and sashimi menus are interesting choices, from sashimi and classical nigiri sushi to sushi with a varied modern touch. The choices are besides varied with galore types of Japanese fish, premium beef, and adjacent sushi with uni.

And past but not least, enjoying luncheon oregon meal present volition certainly be much delicious accompanied by a caller and distinctive involvement cocktail. One of them is Yuzu zunmai with a sour and caller sensation that truly increases the appetite.

The whole acquisition present is precise memorable, each constituent utilized is successful accordance with the standards of a classy Japanese restaurant. But don't consciousness intimidated when you travel here, Sushi Maru is surely not a fine-dining edifice that tends to person a stiff atmosphere. But the unit server is beauteous knowledgeable astir the paper precise well. There are besides galore household guests, it is surely cheerful nuances some from the interior and decoration done the restaurant.

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Sushi Maru,

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Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara

Tel: +62812 6000 8503