Rumari, Raffles Bali

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After a while, I yet had the accidental to visit Bali successful caller mean conditions. On this occasion, I received the bully quality that the Raffles edifice has been operating successful Bali successful the Jimbaran area. This luxury hotel with a villa conception is located connected the borderline of a backstage Jimbaran beach so that it provides an exclusive and comfy atmosphere. Offers guests to stay successful a villa with a earthy mounting and stunning oversea views.

On this visit, I was determination connected Easter week, a accidental to halt by Rumari, the main restaurant located successful the lobby country offering an Easter Brunch acquisition held connected April 15, 2022. You tin take an outdoor oregon indoor area, well you could accidental the upwind conditions successful Bali are precise hot, truthful it makes me quite sweaty astatine lunch. Guess I americium not utilized to the blistery aerial successful Bali yet.

At this Easter Brunch, guests are served a assortment of dishes with a by-order conception and a implicit paper of recommendations from the chef is disposable from amuse bouche, main paper to dessert and petit four. Each menu is presented with a beauteous presentation, tempting and attractive. A interaction of analyzable elements successful each crockery provides a assortment of harmonious flavors.

The Easter Brunch acquisition this clip was precise satisfying, more than a twelve menus that I tried were afloat of surprises. Most of the choices I tried were recommendations from the chef, but for those of you who want to effort different menus, they are besides available. In addition, determination is besides a pass-around paper that volition attack each guest's array alternately starting from a prime of acold cuts, cheese, and caller drinks.

Each guest volition beryllium pampered with an exclusive eating acquisition some from the atmosphere and fantabulous service. Each unit tin explicate the dishes good and the serving clip is rather fast. In blistery upwind conditions, the waiter also helps by providing an other instrumentality to marque it much comfortable.

The Easter Brunch acquisition successful Rumari was precise impressive, starting from the first thing erstwhile entering the Raffles Bali area, a precise exclusive work since we entered the backstage spot of Raffles Bali. It's a bully thought to marque a reservation in beforehand due to the fact that it's not allowed for anyone to participate this country if you don't have a definite appointment. This is surely a privilege for Raffles Bali guests to enjoy peculiar services. Come sojourn erstwhile traveling to Bali, consciousness invited to bask the exquisite abrogation and fantastic eating portion enjoying the cleanable country of the sea.

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Rumari, Raffles Bali

Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera No.1A, Jimbaran, Kuta Selatan, Badung, Bali

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