Save on a MacBook Pro by snagging this refurbished laptop for $300

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TL;DR: As of August 15, get this refurbished Apple MacBook Pro 13.3" for lone $299.99 — that's a 69% discount.

There are galore reasons 1 mightiness request a new-to-you laptop. Whether your hybrid manner begs for a much reliable instrumentality oregon you're heading backmost to schoolhouse and request a portable machine for assignments, you whitethorn privation to instrumentality a look astatine immoderate refurbished devices.This refurbished Apple MacBook Pro for conscionable $299.99 has a 13.3" LED show featuring a 2.4GHz Intel Core i5 processor that helps you browse and multi-task with little lagging. Store pictures, videos, and documents for schoolhouse oregon enactment connected the 500GB HDD, a larger modular hard drive. 

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity let you to enactment from astir anyplace your travels oregon studies instrumentality you and ticker your favourite streaming services during downtime. This MacBook Pro besides comes with a achromatic lawsuit and a MagSafe charger.

With a 2011 exemplary year, the artillery beingness holds for up to 7 hours, which is ample clip to bash immoderate enactment and ticker a amusement earlier recharging. Weighing successful astatine 4.5 lbs, it besides features Intel HD Graphics 3000 and 2 USB 2.0 ports. 

This merchandise is listed with a people "B" rating. It whitethorn person airy scuffing connected the bevel/case oregon airy scratches/dents connected the body.

Refurbished laptops whitethorn not person the latest technology, but they cleanable up nicely and usually get you a bully woody connected a marque name. In fact, there are galore environmental benefits to buying refurbished electronics, including preventing the demolition of halfway minerals and creating little discarded successful landfills.

This refurbished MacBook Pro has plentifulness of bells and whistles, including 500GB of storage, truthful you tin prevention much of your indispensable files and yet entree them easier. 

Take vantage of this woody for a large machine astatine a large value.

Get the refurbished 13.3" Apple MacBook Pro for $299.99 (reg. $980).

Prices taxable to change.

Apple MacBook Pro 13.3" 2.4GHz Core i5, 4GB RAM 500GB HDD - Silver (Refurbished) with Black Case