Single Dad in Thailand Dresses Up As “Mom” for Daughter’s Mother’s Day Event at School

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A azygous dada successful Thailand has garnered heaps of praise from netizens aft helium uploaded a video to TikTok showing however he'd dressed up arsenic a "mom" for his daughter's Mother's Day solemnisation astatine school.

In the video, the antheral named Pratchaya Tadeebu, oregon simply "Joe" (age 48), tin beryllium seen sitting successful a crowded unfastened hallway amongst different parents and students, portion his 15-year-old girl Nattawadee Kornjan, besides known arsenic "Cream", pays him her owed respects by archetypal bowing earlier him and past embracing him tightly.

Decked retired successful a checkered formal and adorned with a lengthy wig, a widely-smiling Joe returns his daughter's clasp and plants respective kisses connected Cream's forehead earlier smoothing retired her hairsbreadth successful the astir motherly fashion.

Explaining the situation to a section quality outlet, Joe revealed that Cream was really an adopted child, and that he'd raised her arsenic a azygous dad.

"Even though I americium a azygous begetter and her stepfather, I ever archer Cream that she is my daughter, and I emotion her similar my ain biologic child," helium said. "I volition bash my champion arsenic some begetter and parent successful bid to instrumentality attraction of my girl."

The father-daughter duo had initially discussed their plans for Mother's Day, which is celebrated annually connected August 12, and not wanting his kid to consciousness near out, decided that he'd formal up arsenic a pistillate for the occasion.

"The thought of dressing arsenic a pistillate came up and I felt nary embarrassment astatine all," helium said. "We ever find ways to person amusive together."

Joe, who is besides a teacher astatine his daughter's school, yet kept to his connection and arrived arsenic a "mother" accompanying "her" daughter, which Cream, arsenic good arsenic galore others connected the net evidently appreciated.

"Your girl loves you conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic you emotion her," said 1 remark connected the TikTok video, which has since received implicit 381,000 views and 35,000 likes.

"You don't request overmuch erstwhile you person this benignant of happiness," said different comment.

One commenter said that aft seeing the video, helium was motivated to formal up arsenic a parent for his ain sister astatine the adjacent Mother's Day lawsuit astatine her school.

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