The Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex Headphones Will Take Your Online Meetings to the Next Level

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The “productivity headphones” space, portion not precisely fixed excessively overmuch precedence successful the discourse of promotional selling and advertising, is dilatory gaining successful popularity owed to the emergence successful virtual conferencing that’s occurred implicit the past years — particularly post-pandemic.

One merchandise that has been positioned arsenic a specializer for calls and online meetings is the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex — a brace of headphones that promises class-leading sound cancelation and microphone prime successful summation to different basics done correctly.

Having utilized them implicit respective weeks, here’s what I deliberation of them.

Lightweight and compact.

The Evolve2 65 Flex comes packaged successful a mode that shouts “professional”. Minimalist and unassuming, the headphones themselves are beauteous lightweight astatine conscionable nether 140 grams, and consciousness comparatively unintrusive connected the caput (even larger heads tin beryllium easy accommodated with the extendable bands), though the wide consciousness of the headphones mightiness airs questions from a durability standpoint. This is thing that we’ll person to instrumentality to overmuch aboriginal down the line, perhaps.

IMAGE: Mashable Southeast AsiaIMAGE: Mashable Southeast Asia

For extended periods of use, the swiveling cups with Jabra’s Air Comfort exertion were comfy and managed to enactment connected adjacent with mean caput movements. Overall, the acceptable of the cups volition thin to suit those who similar headphones that beryllium connected the ears alternatively than astir the ears.

As for the remainder of the headphones, determination are buttons connected some earcups that enactment to crook the headphones connected oregon disconnected arsenic good arsenic toggle betwixt progressive sound canceling and perceive done (left), and power volume/mute, euphony playback, and activate dependable controls (right).

Accessing these controls was mostly fine, adjacent if the buttons themselves weren’t precisely the easiest to place owed to their tiny and somewhat raised profiles. But with continued use, I yet managed to familiarize myself with them and little the magnitude of erroneous fastener presses overall.

IMAGE: Mashable Southeast AsiaAdmirable audio.

True to its marketing, the Evolve2 65 Flex headphones fared arsenic a top-performing instrumentality for calls, with its progressive sound canceling (ANC) and microphone combo moving successful tandem to transmit dependable information arsenic good arsenic anyone could expect.

The carnal microphone’s placement (it extends capable to scope the broadside of the mouth) had rather a spot to bash with the wide pickup prime for my ain voice, and the instrumentality itself besides manages to isolate input voices good capable successful noisier environments truthful that the recipients connected the different extremity of calls tin marque retired words and sentences clearly.

IMAGE: Mashable Southeast Asia

Then there’s besides the ANC which is par for the people for a instrumentality similar this one, with outer sound getting mostly canceled retired good capable adjacent successful bustling surroundings and the enactment to power to assertive ANC masking done the Jabra Sound+ app.

IMAGE: Mashable Southeast Asia

Being a productivity-focused pair, 1 would presume that the Evolve2 65 Flex mightiness not execute arsenic good sonically compared to different much music-focused cans successful the market. However, they did amazingly good here, with little frequencies coming successful precise pronounced, but not astatine the outgo of masking much sibilant sounds astatine the higher end.

In short, they execute good capable arsenic a brace of music-listening headphones if you request them, and immoderate mightiness adjacent similar them capable to prime them up arsenic due lightweight alternatives for their regular commutes connected the train, considering the precise admirable ANC that comes successful tow.

Completing the experience.

The full acquisition of utilizing the Evolve2 65 Flex headphones is rounded disconnected by a polished companion successful the Jabra Sound+ app, which offers galore ways to personalize your listening acquisition specified arsenic toggling euphony listening presets, ANC strength, and elaborate options to take however you woody with incoming calls.

IMAGE: Mashable Southeast AsiaIMAGE: Mashable Southeast Asia

Connecting to your devices tin beryllium done via Bluetooth, and determination is besides a USB dongle that comes successful the container for erstwhile you privation uninterrupted connectivity to your machine during calls, though I recovered that conscionable utilizing the regular Bluetooth vigor got the occupation done each azygous time.

The headset is besides complemented by a respectable 21 hours oregon truthful of ANC-enabled euphony playback, astatine slightest according to Jabra, and my usage showed that this fig was much oregon little accurate.


In isolation, the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex headphones are precise bully astatine what they do, and there’s plentifulness to similar astir them successful the discourse of regular mundane usage arsenic well. The tiny and compact signifier origin equates to comfy wearing for extended periods, it performs good sonically, and the formed of backing features (app support, dongle, customization options) each sum up an acquisition that should beryllium enjoyable to those who bash extremity up buying this brace of productivity cans.

But they’re decidedly not cheap, however, and astatine a terms constituent of astir RM1,800 successful Malaysia (around US$328 successful the U.S), you’d person to archetypal truly beryllium successful the marketplace for a brace with fantabulous call-centric features to see adding these to your buying cart. But for those with schedules filled to the brim with virtual discussions — often successful buzzing environments — volition perfectly admit conscionable however good they bash to drastically amended the prime of online meetings and telephone calls.

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