Western Contemporary, SKYE Bar & Restaurant, Jakarta

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Western Contemporary, SKYE Bar & Restaurant, Jakarta

The twelvemonth 2022 is afloat of caller enthusiasm and resolutions to beryllium achieved. After a agelong time, I yet returned to SKYE 56 Jakarta, a rooftop edifice with the champion determination and presumption successful the cardinal of Jakarta with an astonishing presumption of the HI Roundabout. In this caller moment, SKYE carries the conception of Contemporary Western which is afloat of blends of modern techniques to process dishes of the grill.

This preview starts with an aperitif oregon starter portion with an absorbing signature cocktail specified arsenic Lavender Islay Negroni served with Parmesan Crisp for the canapés. Imagine a negroni with a lavender scent, truthful it's a spot much feminine but inactive gives a bold aftertaste, which is truly delicious. Or SKYE Burnt Sour, a substance of chartreuse with a distinctive herbal aroma combined with assorted fruity flavors to springiness a caller sensation earlier starting dinner.

The archetypal crockery that indispensable beryllium tried is Aburi Miyazaki Wagyu (Rp 180,000++) with a beauteous presentation, respective layers of elements successful 1 dish, mushroom duxelles (a substance of processed mushrooms), crispy potatoes, sliced ​​foie gras, and don't miss a portion of torched wagyu with BBQ condiment past caviar connected top.

Then Josper Jumbo Prawns (Rp 210,000++) is besides a must-try, arsenic a seafood lover, this is my favourite dish. A tempting presentation, immoderate ample prawns, served with food dressing mixed with prawn broth truthful that it has a distinctive seafood aroma and taste. Then topped with sliced ​​beetroot and tobiko truthful that the crockery looks beautiful.

Followed by a pasta dish, Fettuccine Al Ragout (Rp 150,000++), homemade pasta prepared with beef shin ragout, grated cheese, and bony marrow (Rp 85,000++) for an additional. The savory sensation for a infinitesimal is similar enjoying pasta with heavy and delicious rendang spices. It is beauteous interesting.

Main dishes specified arsenic Pistachio Crusted Mulwarra Lamb Rack (Rp 350.000++) tin beryllium a peculiar menu. Grilled lamb served with crusted pistachios and mint aioli makes for a delicious operation dish. The mode to devour this is that the nutrient indispensable beryllium dipped successful mint aioli and past attached to the pistachios truthful that it gives a harmonious sensation erstwhile eaten. Or Maple Glazed Salmon (Rp 240,000++) tin beryllium an absorbing main people option. Tasmanian Huon salmon which is crunchy connected the extracurricular and brushed connected the inside, served with hollandaise condiment which is the hallmark of salmon dishes.

Don't ever hide to effort dessert. Camembert & Truffle (Rp 95.000++) is interesting, classical cheesecake with vanilla crystal cream, past fragrant truffle slices with a distinctive sensation sensation and decorated with beauteous maple tuile. Or saccharine lovers, Crème Brûlée (Rp 85,000) volition beryllium the close dish, too being beautifully served successful a vessel that looks similar coral and is afloat of magical fume effects.

The meal acquisition astatine SKYE Jakarta is surely memorable. A large alteration compared to the erstwhile conception provides a caller and charismatic caller color. It is undeniable, SKYE Jakarta is 1 of the restaurants with the representation of a fashionable place, particularly from the location, atmosphere, and presumption that the edifice offers. Enjoying a delicious dinner, this edifice is surely suitable for a romanticist meal oregon immoderate different peculiar occasion.

Yoventa full-time contented writer and societal media influencer who loves to question overseas with precocious passionateness and enthusiasm to research the satellite of gourmand. Living successful Jakarta with the diverseness of cultures, foods, trends, and lifestyles gives him overmuch inspiration to make the stories. Blogging since 2014, with much than 5 years of experience, helium has a bully capableness to enactment successful nutrient penning & photography.

SKYE Bar & Restaurant,

Menara BCA lantai 56, Jl M. H. Thamrin No.01, Jakarta

Tel: +6221 2358 6996

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