X lowers the eligibility requirements for creator monetization

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Elon Musk truly wants users to motion up for X Premium, the $8-per-month subscription work formerly known arsenic Twitter Blue. He’s truthful hopeless for radical to motion up for the ad-share gross program that the institution has lowered the threshold to qualify.

Now, you lone request a paid X Premium subscription, 5 cardinal impressions wrong the past 3 months, and 500 followers. In addition, the minimum outgo threshold magnitude was lowered to conscionable $10.

These are beauteous large cuts. Previously, successful bid to beryllium eligible for monetization, users who subscribed to X Premium needed to person a cumulative full of 15 cardinal impressions implicit the past 3 months. It's present been lowered by two-thirds. Prior to that, the eligibility requirements were adjacent much stringent, requiring astatine slightest 5 cardinal impressions per period for the past 3 months. The threshold successful bid to get paid was antecedently $50 arsenic well.

Shortly aft the authoritative announcement from the X account, Musk posted his ain promotion of the changes. As usual, whenever helium posts astir the platform's creator program, helium stressed that users had to beryllium subscribed to X Premium and that lone impressions from different X Premium subscribers number towards monetization.

This time, however, helium went a measurement further. Musk promoted the program by stating that users who are eligible for monetization "essentially" volition get X Premium for "free," assuming that they marque much than the $8 per period that they walk connected the subscription.

However, it remains to beryllium seen however galore X Premium subscribers volition marque much than the subscription interest each month.

Musk initially launched the creator monetization programme successful February, though determination was little-to-no question connected the programme for months aft Musk's announcement. Then, suddenly, successful mid-July, payments started going retired to a prime fewer users. It became beauteous wide based connected which accounts were going nationalist with their net that the level prioritized paying Musk's favourite X users first. In addition, the payout amounts were rather exorbitant, with immoderate users posting outgo stubs showing tens of thousands of dollars successful gross from the program.

At the extremity of July, the creator monetization programme finally opened up to each users with the motorboat of a monetization leafage showing whether an relationship qualified for the program. Earlier this week, much X Premium subscribers shared that they had received their monetization payments, though the amounts that person been publically shared look to beryllium overmuch little than the archetypal batch of Musk's preferred users.

It's inactive unclear precisely however monetization is calculated, with Musk himself claiming it's "not precisely per impression."

Earlier this year, Mashable reported connected the struggling subscription work X Premium, formerly known arsenic Twitter Blue, with nearly half of each paying users having little than 1,000 followers.